JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer

Diesel engine concrete mixer Product characteristic:

diesel engine concrete mixer1

diesel engine concrete mixer1

Diesel engine concrete mixer machine is specially designed for some remote areas without electricity to achieve mechanized construction. The principle is the existing JZR350 concrete mixer is installed a diesel power generation system, and this system can supply electricity power to make sure the normal running of mixer. The generating system’s out power is 15KW, so it can also supply extra part of electricity power to other small devices, as concrete vibrators and lighting equipments, while it’s keeping the mixer’s operation.
In addition, the machine can also match the external power directly, achieves diesel-electric dual-use.

JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer  Applications & Features
JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer  is used for mixing plastic and low-fluidity concrete, each time stirring 0.35m³ concrete (refer to the volume after tamping), production rate is 12~14m³/h, applying to most small and medium construction projects, roads, bridges, water conservancy and the concrete plants.
JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer  is a bipyramid reversal discharging self-loading concrete mixer, the mixing drum’s forward rotation is mixing, reverse rotation is discharging. The machine has the benefits of simple structure, reliable, good mixing quality, high efficiency, light weight, and easy manipulation of maintenance, so it is more advanced models of concrete mixers. Because outfitting with a diesel-powered engine, it is more applicable to the remote areas and the wild which have no electric power supply.

JZR series diesel concrete mixer machine is driven by diesel engine and it is suitable for areas which is lack of electricity. Adopt famous brand engine, it features compact structure, high reliability, easy operation and good performance. This kind of mixer is widely used in building site, road and bridge project and many other construction projects. The performance is better if aggregate size is smaller than 60mm.
General terms:
1. Customized color is available based on previous notice.
2. The third party inspection is available.
3. If needed, the seller can help the buyer to handle shipping and insurance.
4. Marking and package shall be arranged according to applicable international requirements.
JZR series concrete mixing machine has been taken under guarantee by the seller from the date of commissioning within 12 months on the premise of regular use of the buyer. An Acceptance Act will follow to inspect the application of the equipment.
More features of JZR diesel engine concrete mixer:
1, The water pump equipped between water tank of the engine and the radiator keeps the engine water temperature to be stable.
2, Removing air sucking point from the back to the front, which will be good to prolong the working life of the engine.
3, Hydraulic and wire rope hoisting for aggregate feeding.
4, 2 or 4 tyres installed to the mixer for easy moving.

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