JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer

JZR350 Diesel engine concrete mixer / JZR350 Hydraulic Diesel engine concrete mixer

JZR350 diesel engine concrete mixer that converse mixing and reverse discharge may stir plasticity and semi-rigid concrete. Its advantage has stable working, convenient operation, great mixing quality, and high productivity etc.JZR350 diesel engine concrete mixer is combined to medium mixing station with feeding weight devise, applies to construction site, road, bridge and hydropower etc.[singlepic id=8 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=right]
JZR350 main feature: adopt diesel as power.

Diesel engine concrete mixer serve the purpose of mixing cement where the contractors need mobility with ease of operation. Our diesel engine concrete mixer are low on maintenance and operating cost.

Description of JZR350 Cement Concrete Mixer With Diesel Engine
1. It is a middle capacity self-dumping mixer;
2. Heavy duty channel chassis provides durability and stronger support in the areas where you need it;
3. Jack legs give maximum stability throughout the mixing cycle;
4. Towable chassis with pneumatic tyred wheels;
5. Hopper lifting model: Hydraulic tipping hopper. Steel wire rope hoisting tipping hopper is available.
6. Power source: diesel engine. So it can also be used in areas without electricity supply.

Features of JZR Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer

1) It adds a water pump for water circulation between water tank of the engine and the radiator; keeps the engine water temperature to be stable.

2) Removing the air sucking point from the back to the front, reduce to suck the dust. It will be good to prolong the service life of the engine.

3) Compact structure; higher reliability; mixing evenly; big capacity; easy operation; easily movable between sites, etc.

Parameters JZR350 Cement Concrete Mixer With Diesel Engine 



Charging Volume

560 L

Discharge Volume

350 L

Capacity Per Hour


Capacity of water tank


Power source

diesel engine, single cylinder, water-cooled with battery starter



Drum rotating speed


Max. towing speed



Two/four-towing wheels



Total Weight


Hopper Lifting Model

Hydraulic tipping hopper

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