Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer

Diesel Engine Concrete Mixer

Technical features of Diesel engine concrete mixer[singlepic id=11 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]
1. Wire rope hoisting tipping hopper
2. Adding a water pump for water circulation between water tank and water radiator, keep the water temperature to be stable;
3. Removing the air sucking point from the back to the front, reduce to suck the dust. It will be good to prolong the service life of the engine.

Parameters of this Diesel engine concrete mixer

Item JZR250 JZR300 JZR 350
Discharging volume(L) 250 300 350L
Charging volume 400 480 560L
Productivity(m³/h) 6-8 9-12 10-14
Mixing drum rotational speed(r/min) 17 15 14
Maximum size of aggregate(mm) 60 60 60
Accuracy of water supply Error<=2% Error<=2% Error<=2%
Diesel engine power 18 18 18
Water Pump motor(KW) 0.55 0.55 0.75
Maximum towing speed (km/h) 20 20 20
Overall dimension(mm) 2250*1900*2750 2500*2000*2800 2700*2140*3000
Weight(kg) 1300 1350 1950

Description of Diesel mortar concrete mixer

1. Mini concrete mixer with diesel mortar JZR350. JZR300. JZR250
2. Diesel power mortar concrete mixer that converse mixing and reverse discharge may stir plasticity and semi-rigid concrete. Its advantage has stable working, convenient operation, great mixing quality, and high productivity etc. it is combined to medium mixing station with feeding weight devise, applies to construction site, road, bridge and hydropower etc.
3. Diesel engine concrete mixer serves the purpose of mixing cement where the contractors need mobility with ease of operation. Our diesel engine concrete mixer is low on maintenance and operating cost.

Diesel mortar concrete mixer with hydraulic hopper high quality parts to maintain whole machine.
1.The barrel is designed adopting Euro-style beautiful and hard.
2.The driving system adopts involute planetary gear ,the gimbal transmission shaft insures circumgyrate at the same speed in-phase of the two mixing shafts.
3.The mixing system may choose the spiral mixing system ,which has high efficiency and the mixing effect is obvious.
4.Scaleboard and the mixing blades adopts high rigidity and high tenacity wearable cast alloy steel ,to prolong the use length of life.
5.The hydraulic station is equipped with manual device ,under accident power cut ,the emergency manual pump is used for opening the discharging door to let the concrete peremptorily.
6.The discharging door adopts hydrostatic control ,and 3sticking dots are equipped ,convenient for affusing the truck to avoid only one stroke.
7.The lubricating system adopts the international advanced centralized oil lubricating system ,convenient for supplying the oil for the axle end sealing device, the system is equipment with overvoltage warning and low oil level warning ,safe and reliable.
8.The mixing arms installed on the hexagon type horizontal mixing axis,all the mixing blades form interrupted spiral structure ,produces,three dimensional mixing space along the axial and radial direction ,this technical not only reduce the energy consumption to a considerable extent.